The prayer niche (mihrab in Arabic) is a focal point in a mosque’s interior. What exactly is a mihrab? In the mosque, it is a generally semi-circular space. It is normally positioned in the middle of the Qibla wall, the wall pointing towards Mecca, Muslim prayer’s holy way. With time, mihrabs developed from plain concavities in the apse-style into highly ornamented places-miniature masterpieces of Islamic architecture.


During prayer, Muslims face the rim of the qibla. The mihrab is an outstanding example of the numerous design elements — calligraphy, trees, and geometry — integrated into a magnificent and harmonious whole. Graduated colors and sizes are important in their growth. The prevailing white glaze portrays the most important verses written in elegant thuluth script that frames the niche from the Qur’an.


Mihrabs have been growing in significance in Islam over the years. Some academics claim they have marked the ruling party ‘s place within the palace. The mihrab, however, was an important part of all the mosques, indicating they represent the location where the prophet, Muhammad, would lead the prayer. Via their iconography, both the flat and concave mihrabs symbolize the entrance to the Sacred.


The concave mihrab is painted with elaborate and complex patterns and serves religious purposes. Geometric shapes like polygons or stars adorn this kind of mihrab, and cubic designs and calligraphy. Calligraphy is Quranic verses or devotions to Allah, which is the medium for how the word of God meets the men. Nature is present in the architecture yet to avoid naturalism, plant life such as rosettes or vines is stylized. Repetition of trends is popular and implies above all the eternal God. The concave mihrabs consisted of glazed tiles and in the 14th century, by the mosaic method of placing together smaller pieces, they began to be incorporated into the niche type.


Flat mihrabs most often have a lamp surrounded by candlesticks of the same theme. These also include the inscriptions or calligraphy, such as the concave mihrab. The motifs of the lamps are mosque lamps related to prayer and making the light of god present in the mosque.


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