The pens used for Arabic calligraphy vary from Latin calligraphy. The tools used for calligraphy are different assortments of pens and calligraphy ink. The most common calligraphy pen used is Qalam.

Khamish Pen

The Khamish Pen also known as a reed pen is used by Arab, Turkish, and Iranian calligraphers. The reed of the pen is grown along rivers. Although this pen has been used for over 500 years, preparing the pen is a lengthy process.

Bamboo pen

Bamboo pens are one of the oldest pens used for calligraphy. The edge of bamboo pens allow the performance of calligraphy to be in full movement.

Java pen

The Java pen is known for the tool’s hardness and ability to create sharp edges. The pen is good to use for small scripts.

Handam pen

The Handam pen consists of the same strength that the Java pen has. The pen is good to use for all kinds of scripts.

Celi pen

The Celi pen is used for large writing in Arabic Calligraphy. These pens are made from hardwood and cut and drilled.

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