Alhamdulillah, it is true that the excitement of calligraphy enthusiasts towards PASARAN (Pesantren Kaligrafi Ramadan) PSKQ is never goes out. Even though in this time of pandemic, there are a lot of participants who have registered themselves to take part in this program. Starting from lecturers, bachelors, academicians, students of islamic primary/elementary school, and students of senior/ vocational high school, all of them are going to participate in this annual grand event namely PASARAN which held by PSKQ Modern Kudus, Central Java.

For the reason that there will be so much valuable knowledge you get for free, so there is no one will miss it. We promise not to make you loss.

For any of you who loves calligraphy, let’s join us in PSKQ Modern. Together we propagate Al-Qur’an through the beauty of its calligraphy.

For further information about the regulation and registration form, please click here

May the vibe of Al-Qur’an calligraphy always be spreaded all over the world and hopefully, there will be many more of people who fall in love with calligraphy. Salam ngaji Kaligrafi.