This is the place where the students (santri) of PSKQ Modern attend their daily teaching and learning activities regarding to Calligraphy and applied Islamic Architecture.

This dormitory of PSKQ modern in Gang 3 Undaan Lor is used by the male students who take regular or general program. In another place, we also have PASARAN (Pesantren Kaligrafi Ramadan) which is held for free every year.

It is just like a dream that comes true for Ustadz H. Muhammad Assiry. At the very beginning, he dreamed to build an entrepreneurship based calligraphy boarding school/ pesantren. He start with the improvised boarding school at that time, and now the building is getting so much better and completed by adequate facilities. Because all funding of this boarding school is coming from Ustadz H. Muhammad Assiry himself, not from government accommodation, it makes us so grateful and proud because without any acommodation from government, a calligraphy boarding school can run well and have so many champions.

This is a principle from Ustadz H. Muhammad Assiry, he said that we should be a worthwhile person to others. It maybe comes from his kindness of intention so Allah SWT gives CV. Assiry Art easiness and sustenance to get a lot of big projects. CV. Assiry Art becomes the way for Ustadz H. Muhammad Assiry as his business so he can build PSKQ Modern and Pesantren Tahfidz Manbalul Ulul ET. He believes that good deeds will bring us to the good way from Allah.

May Allah will always give him health and longevity. We also do hope that later, another Assiry will come up in this universe. Aamiiin.

If you want to study calligraphy in PSKQ Modern, you better register yourself as soon as possible. You may try the PASARAN program first and after that you move to the next stage and apply the regular or VIP program as you wish. Please reach us for further information about the programs at 0857 1222 3822.

Salam ngaji Kaligrafi!