Assalamu’alaikum. This is information for you guys who love calligraphy, wherever you are. Yup! We are here to inform you such a good news. Alhamdulillah, after the last Ramadhan we did not hold PASARAN, this year, we proudly present the program for you who are interested in calligraphy, who are willing to study further about calligraphy, and who want to spend your Ramadan with some positive and beneficial activities. In order to obey our government regulation concerned to health protocol, we seriously declare to open PASARAN with full of responsibility. Consequently, for all students/ applicants of PASARAN have to collect the result of rapid antigen test to the committee. We should do our best effort to obey this regulation together, so that this program will run well until the end without any obstacles.

For you, who are questioning where should the place be, just do not worry because PSKQ Modern itself has three main points or places. Overloading of students (santri) will not be happened. We are still able to keep in distance and obey the rules of health protocol from our government well.

Let us jump to the list.

PASARAN PROGRAM HELD BY PSKQ MODERN 2021 has officially opened for public and you guys are invited to join us. So please submit your registration start from 1 March – 10 April 2021. We will start our class in 11 April – 5 May 2021. All students of PASARAN are required to stay in the dorm and these are some other requirements:
1. Bring out your pass photo (3×4) upon your arrival;
2. Bring out your ID card (the original one) and your last certificate/ ijazah. Upon your arrival;
3. Send your ID card photo or your last certificate/ijazah photo via email to (as the sign of registration).

For your information, PASARAN program is free of charge, this is your opportunity to study directly from the ASEAN Calligraphy Maestro, Ustadz H. Muhammad Assiry and the other instructors with national or international achievement. Do not miss this rare opportunity and come on join the program!

You guys will not only get knowledge related to calligraphy, but also about entrepreneurship. The materials are:
1. Calligraphy training for beginners and MTQ calligraphy participants;
(Mushaf, manuscript, decor, contemporary)
2. Calligraphy painting;
3. Muqohhar in black and white calligraphy;
4. Dissection of Kitab Kuning;
5. Santripreneurship and calligraphy as business;
6. The secret and technique of mosque calligraphy;
7. Calligraphy demo;
8. Calligraphy dialogue;
9. Performing art, and many more.

This is incredibly a complete program, isn’t it? You will be upset if you do not join to participate in this program. Just so you know, there are so many alumnus of PASARAN who have made their own achievement out there.

If you are willing to join us, please reach our committee below:
1. Ustadz Toni (0823 1405 6816), or
2. Ustadz Iqbal (0823 1335 0163).

You guys are also allowed to visit us at PSKQ MODERN, Undaan Lor Gang 3, Undaan, Kudus, Central Java. We will be very happy to welcome you.