Please welcome, this is the new look of female student dormitory PSKQ Modern Kudus, Central Java. Aren’t you amazed? Alhamdulillah the whole painting process and gazebo construction in front of the dormitory of PSKQ Modern were finished well. It looks so different, isn’t it? Nice and beautiful too. We prepare this modification in order to welcome the students of PASARAN (Pesantren Kaligrafi Ramadan) which will be held next April during Ramadan. We will only present the best for all students of PSKQ Modern. We wish that all of the students who study in PSKQ Modern are content and in the end, they can focus on learning the art of calligraphy. For you who do not join PASARAN yet, just go click this link to register.

Don’t be sad nor loose hope because PASARAN is FREE for all of you. You only have to bring enough pocket money to have your “sahur and buka”. When else can you learn calligraphy and directly taught by the calligraphy masters who have a lot of national and international achievements.

Come on, register yourself! PSKQ propagates calligraphy and spread its virus wherever it is.