The elegance of the script is calligraphy. It is the most important Islamic art considered to please the eye, pleasure to the heart, and fragrance to the soul (according to Imam Ali, the fourth caliph). From the earliest writings of the Holy Quran in Makah, authors have endeavored to produce properly accurate manuscripts propitious to God’s holy terms. Due to their contributions, masterpieces of the manuscripts of the Holy Quran exist in several museums around the world.

The two main scripts which were developed for Arabic writing were the Kufic and Naskh scripts. The Kufic script became the first script used by Arab calligraphers to write Holy Qur’an texts on parchment sheets. It originated in the seventh century A.D. in Kufa in Mesopotamia (Iraq). The Kufic script is rectangular, bold, and short, with ninety-degree angles following straight vertical and horizontal lines that lack the diacritical marks of vowels. Kufic has been used for writing on stones and the walls of mosques and metals because of its characteristics.

Forms of Arabic calligraphy have similarities to scripts used during the Islamic period of the 8th century. Many types are popular for writing or reading, while others for ornamental purposes are favored. Arabic calligraphy contains several cursive scripts with vertical extensions and abstract patterns. Any other scripts use more full curvature and letter linking. Every type of Arabic calligraphy is critical to the calligrapher’s intent.

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