Alhamdulillah. The daughter of Ustadz H. Muhammad Assiry, the founder of PSKQ Modern and Pesantren Tahfidz Manbalul Qur’an and ET Kudus, won the third place of Calligraphy Competition in NATIONAL MAPK FAIR 2021. This is not her first achievement in calligraphy. In some previous occasions, Ms. Bilqys also got the place as champions in several calligraphy competitions.

This is the fact that art blood flowed in a doughter named Divani Bilqys Assiry, or people usually call her as “Mbak Bilqys”. It cannot be denied that her talent is descended from his father, Ustadz H. Muhammad Assiry. Younger Bilqys was a timid kid. But now, Bilqys is a confidence person who are brave to show her talent to the world. It is also due to the guidance from his beloved father and also all of Ustadz Ustadzah in PSKQ Modern.

There is one thing to remember that talent contributes to someone’s success but the portion is just 1%, the other portions are coming from determination, passion, and willingness to keep studying and practicing, as said by Ustadz H. Muhammad Assiry. For example, the daughter of Ustadz H. Muhammad Assiry himself, since she has her own talent, supported by intense training, also accompanied by prayer, “qodarullah” Mbak Bilqys is now can be a champion and her calligraphy skill is getting better from day to day.

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